Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Dance Merengue:

Have you ever wondered what kind of dance someone is performing? Or maybe, how do they do they move their body like that? If you're new to Merengue and have seen how amazing it looks, then you've probably asked yourself these questions. What most people don't know is that learning the Merengue can be as easy as listening to the music and letting yourself get carried away with it. The Merengue begins as a beat, which your body can hear and move to. It then becomes a musical score and you body moves with the flow of the sound...

The people of Latin America created the Merengue to release the tensions of daily life but the benefits are way more far-reaching than just that!

By learning the Merengue you learn the culture behind the music, the people who pored their heart and soul into it. The benefits are endless...

Social: Working with other people. Learning to dance this particular dance requires someone teaching you. Though many of the dances are choreographed for one dancer you will find that having two brings the heartache out even more.

Health: Exercising of any kind is always beneficial to your body and overall health. Dancing allows you start out slow using your entire body, or if you are looking for more of a workout you will find the beat can be changed as easily as that next step.

Confidence: Learning anything new creates confidence, learning to dance and dance well can bring you great pride and joy. By boosting your confidence in dancing, you will fin d that you have more confidence in everything else you do.

Learning a new skill: By learning how to dance, you are keeping not only your body but also your brain active as well. The brain is as much a muscle as any other parts of your body and learning the Merengue gives it a great workout.

Exercise: As I have mentioned, any form of exercise is good, dancing is one of the best. You use every muscle in your body, from the steps you take with your feet to the movement of your legs, hips and working up to your chest, arms and head. Dancing can also be attributed to lowering blood glucose levels in Non-Insulin Diabetics and helps the heart pump but more freely throughout your body.

Meeting new people is always a good thing for people. We start out even from birth needing the touch and feel of others around us. Studies have shown that people who are outgoing are healthier, lead more productive lives.

By combining Entertainment and fun, you get what your body needs without realizing it. Also any form of entertainment that requires more than just putting in a movie is heart healthy. Not to mention that the gyration of the hips while the dance is being performed can be extremely fun and uplifting.

Non-verbal communication: You may not realize how much your body truly tells people how you really feel. It is true though, by the sway of your body or the amount of movement you use can help you express what you fell more than anything else. If you pull away from your partner and begin to move on your own, you could be telling them that you are upset with them or better yet, come hither.

Coordination with your body: Hand and eye coordination is a very important part of everyday life. Dancing takes this farther by showing you how to coordinate not only your bottom half with the top half of your body. But how to use what you hear to cause each move you make.